January, 2017


How Google Is Ready To Take Control Of Your Home

Google already dominates the Internet as a major search engine, and now it has the potential to take control of your home, by gaining access to all your smart gadgets and domestic appliances. Google has recently purchased Nest Labs, a company that has been developing smart thermostat controls, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Google paid $3.2billion for Nest Labs with the intention of allowing everyone to connect their home appliances to the Internet. This means that in he future Google will not only have control of your thermostats, alarm systemsRead More

Jumping the Gun – Losing Our Soul

Recently, here in Texas, a nursing home janitor who had been terminated, later returned with a gun and held the place hostage. There were cops, plenty of media attention but, thankfully, it all ended without any violence. As a Workplace Chaplain, hired by a nursing home chain with over 500 employees in ten locations, I couldn’t help but wonder if things might have been different if that janitor had access to the services of a company Chaplain who could counsel him, pray with him, help him to leave his jobRead More

The Future of Clean Energy Hiring

We’re hearing it on the nightly news and reading it in the morning paper: green jobs will be the future of this economy. President Obama recently commented that the U.S. cannot fall behind other countries like China and Germany, who are at the forefront of the green technology and clean energy revolution. China has committed a massive investment of $217 billion on clean energy tech over the next five years and Germany already spends far more than the U.S. on renewable energy. Clearly, for the U.S. to catch up andRead More

iPad VS Laptop – What Suits You Best?

iPad vs Laptops- this is one issue users have been grappling with ever since the first iPad had been released in 2010. One of the most significant questions doing the rounds is whether an iPad can replace the laptop. There are several tech blogs discussing iPad vs laptop pros and cons in order to provide users with a clear view of what each one does well. It has been more than a year after the launch of the iPad and the dilemma surrounding iPad vs laptop has still not beenRead More

The Business Guide to Staying Trendy

In any competitive business market it’s important to be up-to-date with trends. Trends vary in different markets but can be categorized as two different types: short term trends and long term trends. Short term trends like fashion trends can be quarterly or annual but typically have a very short lifespan. Long term trends can last several years or even entire generations. Short term trends vary wildly in different markets and can be observed in industry-specific news reporting or industry gatherings. Long term trends are determined by a company’s target demographicRead More

7 Tax Incentives for UK Technology Startups

Having taken the risk and side-stepped the typical job route to become a tech entrepreneur and wealth-creator, its a good job that there are still some tempting UK tax incentives out there to support you. Here are just 7 tax ideas or tips that you should be thinking about for your start-up business: 1. Entrepreneur’s Relief – if you hold 5% or more of the shares in your company for 12 months and work as an officer / director or employee, then when you sell the shares your effective taxRead More

Palaeontology Predictions for the Year Ahead

Palaeontology Predictions for 2012 With 2012 already upon us it is time for those of us brave enough to attempt to foresee the future to stick our heads above the parapet and have a go at predicting some of the news stories and articles featuring dinosaurs, fossils and prehistoric animals that will appear in the media in the coming twelve months. At the start of each year just for a bit of fun, we have had a go at trying to predict what might happen in palaeontology and other EarthRead More

Please, Don’t Make Me Take A Vacation

“I never go on vacation,” said a Manhattan real estate agent. “And when I do, I have my computer, my Palm, my e-mail and my cell phone with me at all times.” It seems that our tech toys have become the adult equivalent of an umbilical cord. So how can we live without them? And what about now, when, as a good citizen, who also doesn’t want to get arrested, you at least have to endure your plane trip without their nourishment and comfort? Let’s do a checklist of techRead More

Is It “We” or “They?”

Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing Where have all the flowers gone? Long time ago Where have all the flowers gone? Girls have picked them every one When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn? April 16, 2007. Seung-Hui Cho murdered 32 students and professors at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va., and then in a grandiose gesture of paranoia shot and killed himself. As Cho’s sister Sun-Kyung said in the family’s statement after news of the massacre spread around the globe, “He … made theRead More

Capitalizing on an American Tragedy

Let me say at the outset that I’m a firm believer in the capitalist system. There is nothing indecent about earning a profit if the work you’re doing is honest and you’re not engaging in any immoral means in order to accomplish it. But I find it strange that when the tragedy at Virginia Tech exploded onto our television screens, some people started seeing dollar signs. Attempting to capitalize on a particularly horrific American tragedy, some individuals rushed to buy Internet domain names bearing the marks of the massacre. Take,Read More