How to Stage Your Home for an Impressive Open House

With the current market, it can be difficult to find a buyer for your home. If you are in the market to sell and are about to start you open house appointments, below are some great tips which can help you show off your home to its best.

Remove All Personal Items

While it can seem like it’s too much, the best presentation you can show is a blank one. Allow potential homebuyers to overlay their own belongings and see the potential your space has.

The Cleaner, the Better

It doesn’t matter if your vacuum your carpets yesterday, vacuum then again today before your viewing. The same goes for dusting and any other small maintenance items you perform in your home.

If you have a front or back lawn, be sure that it is groomed on the day of any and all home viewings you have.

Set an Example

If you have an entertaining space, set it up as though you were expecting guests. Table toppers from the Groupon Coupons page for Shari’s Berries are a great place to start. Any small touches you can make to appear like an event is soon to occur the better. This shows viewers the possibilities your home offers.

Fix Small Problems

Potential buyers don’t want to see missing hinges, light bulbs which don’t work, or stairs with pieces missing. These send a message to homebuyers that you, the owner, didn’t maintain the property. This can lead to a low offering price because the buyers are expecting to need to perform repair work in the future because of small items which could have been fixed.


Of course, what list would be complete without the smell of cookies or baked goods? And the reason that it is on every list it because it works! The smell of baked goods makes buyers feel comfortable in your home and can be the difference between an offer and a goodbye.

In the current market it can be difficult to garner attraction to your property. Along with these tips, visit other open houses and think about what you didn’t like – then fix it with yours.


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